Treat Coils the Right Way by Using the Right Equipment

When it comes to HVAC systems, those with the cleanest coils perform best. Maintaining them properly helps sustain maximum operating efficiency and keeps high performance equipment running smoothly. In fact, this is exactly why most manufacturers recommend routine maintenance and inspection of the complete system and its coils, to be done annually, at minimum.

It’s a fact! The cleaner the coils and other heat transfer surfaces the more effective the system, but don’t break your back to see professional results. A combination of the best equipment and the right technique can make improving the efficiency of coils easier than you expected. Here are a few methods that have been commonly used to maintain HVAC coils in commercial facilities.

CC-400HF Industrial Coil Cleaner
  • Garden hoses – Good flow, but limited pressure and can’t effectively clean hard-to-reach coils
  • Aerosols – little pressure and contains harsh chemicals that are hard on coils and can cause corrosion and damage
  • Pump sprays – low pressure and flow and not very effective in penetrating most coils beds
  • Pressure washers – uses pressure that's too high and damages fins
  • Coil cleaners/washing systems – specialized system with balanced pressure and water volume that’s safe on coils


While all of these methods have their own benefit, only coil cleaner systems are specifically designed to clean coils in a variety of places, indoors and out. Goodway invented the coil cleaning system and the CoilPro line of coil cleaner systems are an industry standard that offers safe and efficient coil cleaning. These machines use just the right amount of water pressure to effectively clean coils without damaging fins, improve heat exchange properties and are specifically designed to easily clean evaporator and condenser coils fast. All coil cleaners aren’t created equal, so consider the following factors when selecting the right equipment for the task.

Did You Know?

AC systems operating with dirty coils can consume up to 37 percent more power and still perform less effectively than clean coils.

Location, Location, Location

Take a look around you - coils can be found everywhere in commercial and industrial spaces. They are located in units outside, on rooftops above the facility, inside narrow ceilings and even tucked away inside of mechanical rooms. The needs of those maintaining indoor coils differ greatly from those maintaining outdoor coils, so caring for them best means considering the unique challenges that come along with their location.

CC-JR Portable Coil Cleaner

Indoor Coils

In some cases, indoor coils are difficult to clean because they are stationed in hard-to-reach areas and are barely visible. On other occasions, you may be required to clean them in a space being occupied by others. However, in most cases, a portable unit with controlled flow and perfect pressure is required and Goodway’s CoilPro line has several unique coil cleaner systems that were specifically designed for the job.

  • CC-JR CoilPro – portable, shoulder strapped unit that carries water, chemical and power with it, for cleaning of coils in hard-to-reach places
  • CC-600 – delivers 600 PSI at 1.6 GPM to thoroughly penetrate thick coil beds
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  • CC-200 – powerful coil cleaner that includes wet/dry vacuum capabilities for cleaning spills, also uses tablet-based coil cleaner for added convenience

CoilPro systems can be used in a variety of inside areas to clean coils – from the mechanical room to the board room, but beware. Coil thickness and drainage are very important to take into consideration when selecting the right equipment.

Outdoor Coils

Outdoor coils in units stationed on high rooftops are exposed to a broader range of debris from the environment, so lack of proper maintenance could cause them to lose efficiency faster. Outside coils are also generally thicker than inside coils, so they’ll need a broader range of solutions with greater power. Whether the task requires easy-to-carry equipment, or continuous water operation, Goodway offers several unique machines specially designed to make hard-to-reach condenser coils easier to access, for more thorough cleaning.

  • CC-JR - offers more portability and battery-operated power for smaller rooftop units up to 5 tons
  • CC-100 – is an easy-to-carry backpack coil cleaner that offers siphon chemical injection and includes a portable water tank for up to 5 tons
  • CC-400HF – is a hi flow, medium pressure cleaner designed to clean thick HVAC coils up to 6” deep and includes a 40’ sectional wand for reaching in and around tough-to-clean coils

Did You Know?

Dirty condenser coils reduce energy efficiency about 60 percent.

Is There Water Available?

CC-100 Backpack CoilPro Coil Cleaner

Depending on where the coils are located, you may have to bring your own water to the job, so finding this out beforehand is very important. When it comes to cleaning in remote locations, on-board water tanks, like those offered in our CoilPro CC-JR and CC-100 models, help get cleaning done quickly. Our CC-100 HVAC Coil Cleaner is designed for this kind of flexibility. With its very own integrated rechargeable battery 5, gallon tank and chemical injection control, this portable machine is perfect for cleaning outdoor units when no water source is near. For best results, use with CoilShine.

If water is available, especially if coils are located outside, having more water volume for coil cleaning could help cut cleaning time. Models like the CC-600 and CC-400 from Goodway, offer increased pressure and flow, to power through coil cleaning tasks quickly.

Did You Know?

Goodway offers several effective chemical solutions for cleaning coils. CoilShine-T, is a revolutionary new tablet-based system featured in our CC-200 equipment. It is a non-acidic, alkaline-based, expanding, self advancing solution designed to penetrate coil beds. CoilShine-BC is an EPA registered and ready-to-use solution that controls and inhibits future growth of odor-causing bacteria. CoilShine and CoilShine-BC are safe to use in occupied spaces.

Size Really Does Matter

Another very important factor to consider when cleaning coils is their thickness. Thick coils are usually pretty challenging to clean efficiently. Cleaning them right requires a perfect combination of higher volumes of water and pump pressure to penetrate far enough into thick coil beds to flush out dirt and debris. Goodway’s CoilPro line offers a variety of powerful machines that specialize in cleaning thick coils effectively.

  • CC-400HF provides a powerful cleaning experience that combines the perfect amount of pressure and water flow to clean coils up to 6” thick
  • CC-200 – features a new and powerful tablet-based coil cleaner system and siphon chemical integration that eliminates waste and fully targets dirty coils

Did You Know?

Our CC-400HF blasts dirt and debris from thick coils with 400 PSI of cleaning power at 3.0 gallons per minute flow rate.

Power Up!

CC-JR Battery Powered Coil Cleaner

Knowing if there will be electrical power in an area you will be cleaning coils is equally as important as knowing if there will be water available. Have you thought about how you’re going to clean coils in remote areas with no outlets, yet? We have. Goodway’s CoilPro line of unique coil cleaner systems offers several portable, battery-powered models for when plugging into an outlet is simply not an option.

  • CC-JR – has a long lasting deep cycle battery and ergonomic design
  • CC-100 – uses a 12 V rechargeable battery with a smart charger
  • CC-140 – contains a rechargeable battery that powers up to 90 gallons of spray

Did You Know?

CC-100 Coil Cleaner can be used for just about any coil cleaning application.

Cleaning Pays Off, Big Time

It pays to have clean coils running in your equipment. Just ask Al Frabotta of Westwood One, a major office park in Westchester County, NY. Frabotta uses Goodway’s CC-400HF and as a result, one month of his energy bill came in $20,000 under budget. “My manager was tickled. He thought there was a mistake on the electric bill.”

So what are you waiting for? Speak with a Goodway salesman right away to find the best coil cleaner to satisfy your cleaning needs.